Deleted Entire Call Log and Recordings

  • 10 December 2020
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I filtered calls to/from a specific number for the last 7 days. I used the check box to select the calls to and from that phone number. I clicked on "Delete Calls". It asked me if I wanted to delete "All Calls" and of course, since I had selected only the calls I wanted to delete and filtered them by 1 phone number so only a handful of calls came up in the search, I said "yes". The next thing I did is go back to all the calls to the main call log with no filters. There was nothing there... except for existing calls that were in progress. All calls had been deleted. The recordings are very important to our business and we refer back to them and/or send them to customers when something comes up. We also use the call log for training purposes. To have the entire call log deleted in this way is very deflating, although I did delete it myself, I'm not sure how. I think the worst part about all of this is that customer service is not able to help me recover the call log or recordings from a backup. It is UNBELIEVABLE to me that a company as big as Ring Central or any company nowadays for that matter does not have a backup. I was told that if calls were deleted as an Admin, that even the backups are deleted in that instant. No trash can, no 30-day limbo, just gone. DEVELOPERS- PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN! PLEASE TELL ME THAT THERE IS A BACKUP SOMEWHERE AND CALLS CAN BE PLUGGED BACK INTO OUR DASHBOARD. Thank you for your time. If anybody can help us our main number is 515-200-2668.

1 reply

I moved this to customer support. I believe that those logs will be marked as deleted and can be restored by a RingCentral account admin.