DND not working as expected

  • 13 September 2023
  • 1 reply

Has anyone else noticed DND (Do Not Disturb) status is not working as it used to?

How it used to work: I would change my status right below my profile picture to Do not disturb, and all my calls would be delivered to my Voice Mail.

How it works now: DND does not seem to mean anything if chosen from the profile picture. Instead I have to go to Settings > Phone > Call rules and voicemail. If I want to avoid calls while in a video meeting, I also have to go to Settings > Video and disable Allow incoming calls when in a meeting.

I opened a case with Support, but was told this was part of an update.

1 reply

DND from Profile picture has the same function as DND in Settings > Phone > Call rules and voicemail. And if you haven't seen the update, I implore you not to visit the admin portal! You don't want to know about it.