Enable Short Codes to respond to text messages

  • 22 January 2020
  • 7 replies

Business partner uses short codes for text messages, i can read them but can not respond. how does this get resolved. Must cancel if unable to to enable short code text responses.

7 replies

Hi Yolanda,

This is not a functionality RingCentral has currently. You can vote for this feature here.

Why is this redirected to "ability to receive short codes" topic?!  As Yolanda's post states... We need to be able to RESPOND to short codes.  

We get so many spam texts it is very annoying.  We need one of two solutions... 1.) Let us respond to short codes; so that we may stop the messages.  2.) Provide an option for "voice only" on the main business number.  This would be the preferred option for us as we could also stop receiving spam faxes to our main number.

I've had a support case open on this for over 5 months that's still in the "New" status. I'm getting short SMS code SPAM messages from multiple accounts and have no way to stop them.

Well, yes I do have an alternative -- I can CANCEL RingCentral and port to an alternative that I will not mention here, and that has no problem handling short SMS codes. I already ported one of my numbers from RC and it's working fine.

I've been a RingCentral user for 12 years since 2009, long before it started SMS support. Sadly they half-assed this implementation and that may be the issue that forces me to leave entirely. I really can't recommend or use RingCentral if it allows its users to be plagued by SPAM and the only recourse is to switch to another provider.

I live in the town where RingCentral could afford to spend $3M to put their naming rights on a sports stadium. It's a bad sign when marketing becomes more important than actual customer service.

If RingCentral continues to have no response, I will post my resolution here and to social media. It should not have to come to that to get a service company to offer service.

@Tom Armstrong - I have required this for my business for far too long after far too many support tickets. Who did you end up switching to who can handle this VERY BASIC PROBLEM???

I use Ring Central in a personal / small business consulting capacity. Google Voice handles short texts just fine, not to mention it's <cough> free. Inertia, eFax & the hassle of porting are the only reasons I haven't switched, and I'm sure there's reliable eFax solutions.

This deficiency in the SMS feature is a time-bomb that will only get worse; it may be what forces me to switch.

We are in the same boat, as soon as contract is up we are bailing mostly because of the inability to stop these messages or set the main business line as a voice or fax only line as you can with aux lines. truly sad that someone in the business this long cant even handle simple customer requests meanwhile we get lots of changes to other aspects we literally couldn't care less about!

Raised the response to short code SMS issue here: