extensions without device, no email available

  • 24 September 2018
  • 7 replies

I am trying to add extensions without an actual phone. I get stuck because these extensions require an e-mail address which is not available either. Any thoughts?

7 replies

Hey MESSER, could you provide more details about what the purpose of this extension is? 
We are a trucking company.  We have many drivers that have cell phones but no good access to or a reason to have a company e-mail address.  We used to be able to add an extension for example truck 258 would have the extension 10258 and I would put in my e-mail address.  Now the e-mail address needs to be unique.  It is much easier to remember truck 258 as 10258 rather than having to look up his cell number.  
Hi MESSER, thanks for the explanation. Right now our Product Team is actually working towards remedying the Unique Email issue, you can receive updates on this thread.

As a quick workaround, you could always use their own personal email (just for the time being) and then once we've changed this policy, you can go back into their extensions and update the email to be your own.
Another idea would be make a free gmail account for this purpose.  With a single account you can create as many email aliases as you want.  If you have you can use,, etc. and all the emails will go to that single inbox.

The extension would be attached to his cell phone number.

Did this ever get resolved, updated?

This has been resolved.