Forwarded Calls not Ringing on the Mobile Application - Computer App shows calls, mobile app does not

  • 6 January 2020
  • 3 replies

1. Account Type - US

2. Related Case number - 10008226

3. Our client calls a local line we set up for them in ring central. That local line is to call a cell phone. We do this using the call handling forward to another phone feature. The call is not forwarded to the mobile device. The voicemail is left on the local number we set up for the client. When we load up the computer application the call rings through to the computer. We don't want this call to go to the computer, we want it to ring the forwarded mobile phone.

4. Steps were taken - we called RingCentral - said try downloading the old phone app, but we can't open the old app, it says to upgrade

5. Android for Mobile, windows for desktop

6. This impacts my 6 agents and 30+ clients

3 replies

A follow-up email has been sent.
After spending 10+ hours over several days we made a workaround. The agent found her own solution, so I don't have it here. I think she had to start using her computer to get calls instead of her mobile phone. There is no refund option or way to get out of our contract for another 6 months.  

This happens to us as well. for the past few months, the calls are not being forwarded to the cell phone nor the mobile RC app. this is affecting our business, we're instantly losing customers.

RC employees are polite, but the fact is that they don't know how to fix this issue, keep excusing this for un-relevant reasons, and very light on the trigger to "resolve" the case. I opened about 15 cases in the past months, and I have to explain my issue from scratch every time I called.