Glip Integration with Ringcentral

  • 15 February 2019
  • 1 reply

When Do Not Accept Call Queue Calls are turned off on Ringcentral Phone and you go from Available to Do Not Disturb on Glip it automatically turns your Ringcentral Phone to Accept Queue Calls. This did not use to happen. It started happening in one of the latest updates. Can you change so that the Queue Call toggle button doesn't get turned on in the Phone when available in Glip?

1 reply

Hey Shawn, long story behind this one, but we hear you and will work on fixing it.  It's not going to be until Q2 though as theres a lot of behind the scenes things that need to happen. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best bet today is to either hold back from using DND or to manually switch accept CQs back off in the RC Phone app.  

Again, sorry about this issue. Wish there was a shorter term fix for it because theres a story behind why it will take some time.  DM me if you want to chat more about that.