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  • 1 June 2018
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High GPU Usage - Slow performance

Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Intel Core i7
16gb RAM

Just downloaded and installed RC Meetings for the first time, so I am assuming the most current version.

My entire system slows to a crawl when I am in ringcentral meeting.  Task manager showing GPU usage at 100% during meeting. Also causing laptop to get hot.

Any info would be appreciated.

5 replies

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2018-06-01  First thing to review is your Application Event Logs in the Windows OS installation on your computer.    We run Win10 64bit i7 16gb ram on thousands of workstations in our organization and we have not had this issue with RingCentral Meetings (current or former versions) 

It is very likely resource competition with some other apps you have running on your machine. 

That is where I would start.   If you cannot troubleshoot this on your own, your IT Department may do it for you.

Additional pertinent info you need to gather beside the info you have already provided before opening a support case at RingCentral:

1. what other apps are running at the same time on your machine,
2. what type of antivirus scanner may be present and operating simultaneously on the machine, 
3. are other users also logged in locally on the same machine at the same time

Gathering this info will assist you to get to the resolution more quickly.

Iv noticed this problem also. if you have the RingCentral phone up on screen it's using about 25% GPU and I'm running a surface pro 4. heat up the GPU so much the fans actually have to kick on. this is not a GPU related program it should not be using any kind of graphics power. 
USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-06-04 Depending on what version of MS Surface hardware you are running, that is not a standard desktop version of the Windows O/S.

In general not specific to RingCentral software, Windows Surface machines typically do use more GPU and experience a lot more heat/fan activity due to their form factor and motherboard constraints. 

Hopefully someone in RingCentral Support can weigh in on performance expectations for running RingCentral Meetings on somewhat stripped-down versions Microsoft hardware and O/S.

A key question to ask of RingCentral Support - do they do performance bench testing on MS Surface models, and if yes, which exact models, and what are reasonable performance expectations?

Were this my choice going forward,  I would not be running intensive apps on MS Surface machines for old Surface versions or current Surface versions - these are not really Power User machines.    

Ringcentral makes my android smartphone so hot that I get an overheat warning. And in the process drains my battery. If I use another voice over IP app like WhatsApp or Skype this doesn't happen.

Im using a ryzen 5950x with a 3090, how in the world is ringcentral phone app on windows 10 using up 15-19% of my GPU? THis is insane