Help with best setup: Queue vs. Ring Group vs. Shared Line vs. New Company

  • 8 November 2022
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We have had about 30 RC phones/extensions for 10+ years now so I'm pretty familiar with admin but there are a lot of new features that I'm learning about. We are adding a small mostly separate division to our company. For now, it will be an executive and his assistant, each with a Polycom VVX 450 deskphone - doubt they'll use web or pc or mobile apps.

We would like to configure one incoming (division main) phone number (which is different from our company main number) to:

  1. be able to be picked up on either phone,
  2. both of these phones to be able to see CallerID of incoming calls as they come in,
  3. visually see incoming call blinking on both phones and be able to set different ring type/volume for intercom vs incoming call
  4. either phone be able to place call on hold and pick up from other
  5. to have the same division main outbound callerID for both phones
  6. have up to four calls simultaneously come in on this division number (example each person have one call on hold and one active call) before sending new calls to this number to voicemail.
  7. Can this Division number be listed in directory separate from our Company?

We have been playing with: each phone having a direct line plus being members of a Shared Line Group, or setting up Call Coverage, or Directed Call Pickup, or maybe even set them up as a completely separate account - but would love to hear some Pros and Cons of the different ways to set it up from some Pros!


3 replies

This is what we're trying to do. I'm currently doing a "ring group" which seems like the best option.

My understanding is "shared line" won't allow 2 independent calls at a time. If you do "call queue", it currently doesn't allow call waiting (second call to be announced while a phone is already actively on a call).

FYI - we ended up setting up an additional Site that was hard forwarded to one of the users (even though it was physically in the same space). That allowed us to use one outbound callerID for the group, flexibility in call routing, multiple incoming calls on the main Site phone number, etc. Best of luck!

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As to the multiple lines on one phone - Manual SIP configuration - that's your friend. We've set up numerous phones with additional extensions - you just have to get to the phone GUI and it's under Settings - Lines:

RC has (had) a good article on GenSIP - getting the manual SIP settings - I just can't find it right now!

As to the other bits - is your RC account set to Single site, or Multi site? - big *** if it's single and you are thinking of clicking on 'make it multi' - BACKUP your settings (write them all down or take screen shots) as switching will delete most of IVR bits.

Being in Multi-site allowed us to segment out nicely the various functions, IVRs, call queues, etc.

The Call queue should be the easiest for setting up the call path/CID and handling for the new Department.

Good luck.