Hold Issue on Conference Ph: Whenever a call is placed on hold, phone start ringing out

I've been having this issue with our conference phone for months and no rep is able to fix it. Whenever a call is put on hold, the person on hold hears continuous ringing as if the call is dialing out.

I've been able to set hold music/tones for regular lines but the conference phone doesn't show that option. Has anyone else had this issue??

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What is the model of the phone anyhow did you provision it with RingCentral?

It's a  Polycom VVX311. We went through all the initial set up steps with RC
Can you share a screenshot of the Screening, Greeting & Hold Music section for that user?  I don't understand how you would not see the option for hold music.

You don't have to share anything sensitive or anything at all really.  Just look at that section and see if it looks like this or not.  I think the forum has a problem uploading images now, but you can see it here:

Sure, can you contact me directly? I'd prefer not to post a photo of our company poral/our phone numbers.

You need to look under the user, not the phone.  But, I see these are limited extensions which I am not very familiar with.  If you go to users can you find the Screening, Greeting & Hold Music section for 3005?
That line isn't under Users because it is not assigned to a user. It is a common area phone; listed under Phones & Devices.  Are you unfamiliar with this also?
I am not sure.  I see 3005 listed as assigned to the device in your screenshot.  I guess you can't see that user or if you can, you don't see the Screening, Greeting & Hold Music section?

Does that conf phone have a presence listed and is the box checked that says ring my phone when monitoring another phone?
There's not an Presence option for Common area phones
I have a different view. See below.