How can I disable the beep when using HUD feature so agents don't know their being monitored . we are not recording.

  • 11 December 2019
  • 4 replies

How can I disable the beep when using HUD call monitoring feature so they do not know they are being monitored . They are hearing a crackling sound when I click the monitoring button. We are just monitoring NOT recording . Help

4 replies

Hi Patricia, 

I checked around, and there is not a way to disable the beep at this time. 
I know there will be a beep on the monitoring supervisors side but the agent shouldn't be hearing anything should they ? Our agents know  they are being monitored  because they either hear a clicking , faint beep or difference in call quality when we start to monitor? This doesn't seem right 

@Jessica-Community_Moderator bringing this back around because agents ARE hearing a beep on their end when they are being monitored. Are we not able to disable this so they don't know they are being monitored?

Hello @Megan Lalock, the faint beeping sound is normal. Disabling it is not available. However, we highly suggest posting this to our idea hub. Click HERE! Thank you.