How do I install my Avaya J179 deskphone on my RingCentral account?

  • 18 February 2020
  • 6 replies

I want to upgrade to an Avaya J179 I have? How do I do that?

6 replies

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Hi Ronnie! 

That phone is currently not supported by RingCentral. You can manually try to provision it as an Other Phone in the web portal. Click here to learn how to add your phone to the system. 

Just so you're aware, if it successfully provisions, the phone may not get all RingCentral Functions since it is an unsupported phone.
LOL with Avaya and Ringcentral's new partnership, Avaya is marketing their phones as compatible with RingCentral but clearly RC does not yet know how to operationalize this partnership. @Ronnie, I'd give it a few more months before you can instantly provision J series to RC. RC needs to set up provisioning server and Avaya probably is making software updates to the J series to increase compatibility. Hopefully the RC team starts being looped into this process at the ground level soon.
I stand corrected! Just noticed the J719 is now showing up in the device setup wizard with auto provisioning support. 
Tested out a J179 this week on RC. You can now auto provision all 3 of the J series devices from your account control panel. To anyone considering purchasing my thoughts are:
1. More buggy and harder to use than poly or Cisco 8800 series
2. Placing a call on hold with this phone for some reason doesnt trigger hold music like any other supported desk phone.
3. If youre using the J100 wireless module for Bluetooth, be warned that if your headset moves out of range OR if its also paired to your mobile phone and a mobile call rings in, not only will your j179 drop your active call on Bluetooth, it will also freeze, crash and reboot completely!
4. Voicemail light works but weirdly theres no message on screen or stutter dial tone to indicate you have a message so if you dont notice the faint red light in top right corner you may not realize.
Ive tested this in comparison with a polycom Vvx450 and Cisco 8861. Either of those are definitely better, less buggy and easier to use. I would put the Cisco as top choice because of the mobile twinning (pair your cellphone via BT so you can use your nice desk phone speakerphone you make cellular calls)
Jake K,  Thank You for the detailed reply.  I cannot replicate some of the issues you experienced.  Are you using the Avaya Ringcentral software/firmware  on the AVaya Open J phones?  The Bluetooth concern is most troubling. I run the worldwide Avaya cloud device business. How can our software engineers engage you directly?  Jake K Would you consider joining our device beta customer group for Ringcentral Office?  Can I get you some new Avaya devices to try?  All the best,  Gerald R. LaNasa Avaya Global Cloud Devices (484) 567-8787

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