Imported phones show order pending

  • 8 February 2024
  • 3 replies

I used the bulk import form and included the MAC/Serial number. After I did so all the phones are showing "order is pending" status. I tested with a phone and it boots up but in the portal it still showed pending until I rebooted the phone 4 times like an article I found said to do so. My question is, is there another work around as I have 65 phones to deploy and do not really want to have to reboot the phone 5 or 6 times X 63.

3 replies

I would try the following:
- boot up the phones only once
- check the display to see that it is showing the ext. name. (strong indicator that all is good)
- do a test call to confirm all is good.
- move on to the next phone
- you shouldn't care about the status being displayed as "Order in progress"

Reason: If the test call was successful, you know the phones are working. Phones automatically renew their registration with the servers every 30-60minutes (industry-wide). If you wait a few hours you would have the same amount of registrations as if you had done 5 reboots. So it will automatically change to online eventually.

By the way, making calls (the test call I mentioned) should actually make it update the pending status immediately.

Thank you, I will test that!

I disconnected one of the phones that I rebooted 4 times. It is still showing Online even though the phone is unplugged. While I know it is not affecting service, it does seem to affect my ability to see the proper status of a phone.

I added another phone, made test calls and it is still showing order pending. I will wait to see if it's status changes o it's own