Is it possible, using the latest desktop App to schedule a Conference call within a team?

  • 26 May 2020
  • 3 replies

We would like to use RingCentral and Teams to schedule conference calls like Webex Teams. We are using the latest Ring Central desktop app and I have created a team. It does not seem to offer a schedule option to schedule a Teams conference call. Does anybody know if this is even possible and if not can this be added later as a feature?

3 replies

Currently scheduling a conference call is not possible within a team. However, you can start a conference call within a team by clicking the "Start Conference Call" icon on the top right within your team. I ll pass along your feedback to the App team.
Many thanks for this Abi, it would be great to get this included. 
I SECOND THIS. Our company has employees constantly being added and removed from teams. When I want to quickly schedule a meeting and know that the ENTIRE team is included, I'd like to do it from within the team chat. When you schedule a meeting from the video page, you have to manually enter each person that you'd like to invite. This seems redundant if the people are already linked to each unique team.