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  • 21 December 2020
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I see Zoom has announced support for Apple M1 processors today. With RC's underlying tech being "powered by Zoom", should we expect a native Apple Silicon macOS desktop app soon? I'd love to enroll in beta program for this if there is such a thing. Thanks!


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22 replies

I also have a strong desire to see an Apple Silicon "universal app" version to support the new M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro laptops.

This is also a need for our company as we start to rollout the new M1 Macbook Airs to our Sales dept.

If there is Beta I would like to get a couple of my IT staff on it

Mike M

We also need a version of the RC App (GLIP) for M1. Any word on when that can be expected?

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Hello Everyone, you may request for this feature. Please visit our Idea Portal at

It seems that any business that uses RC and Mac clients will need this sooner rather than later since Apple is transitioning all of its systems to Apple Silicon. Assuming RingCentral continues to offer cross-platform compatibility, the question here is when not if. It would be good to have some communication to customers regarding the target timeline for this support so that we can all plan accordingly.

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The RingCentral app now has an M1 Download!
You can find that on the Downloads Page HERE.

Possible I am missing something, however the M1 indicated installer appears to still be Intel-only. I double-checked that I've got the correct version, 21.1.29. I also uninstalled and reinstalled, and it still runs as Intel, does not appear to be a Universal Application. Perhaps the wrong package was pushed to the download page?



Same for me ... the app still shows as Application Kind = Intel

Any update on this?

Checking macOS "Activity Monitor" on my M1 MacBook confirms that the application type is "intel". Possibly wrong package was posted to the website?

I also have a desire to utilize this on my M1 Macbook. @Becky-Community_Manager

Even if it's not out yet, having a general ballpark idea when it might be released will be very helpful. Open to beta testing as well. The current version runs sluggish on Apple Silicon and we are eagerly looking for improvement.

As of today 1/24/2022, I do see the M1 Mac version is available for download.

I downloaded and installed this version (arm package) and it still shows up as an Intel application

Version: Web, Mac

Date: 2022-01-19 07:59:49


This worked for me, go to

Download and install the Mac for M1 version.

I found that I had to completely uninstall the old app and then install the M1 version in order for all the old setting to be replaced so that the application registered properly. I would suggest uninstalling before installing the M1 version. Even better if you can do a deep uninstall and get rid of all the extraneous files (using something like

Ok.. here's what I found. Once you've installed the M1 version if you check it shows it's an Apple version.



If you go into the preferences and check the version you will see the following message:


The update it installs, puts it back to the intel version. So if you quite the app, it reverts back to the intel version (or if you hit that restart to update button, either restarting manually or hitting the button makes it "update" back to the intel version).

OK @Greg Conner I see what you mean. I am now having the same issue. The app correctly installs with version Web, Mac but then after the app is restarted it "updates" and reverts to version Web, Mac (the Intel version).

Is there someone in this forum who can address this issue? I will also report it to the support desk.

@Becky-Community_Manager - are you going to follow through on this or should we be contacting support directly?

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Good news! RingCentral 22.1.11 was released today.

The link for downloading M1 will soon be available on the RingCentral Downloads Site. Stay tuned!

This is wonderful news. Would you kindly post here when the M1 native package is made available in the RingCentral App Gallery? There is an option to download an M1 version of the RingCentral app, but its version is still

Is the new version you mentioned an M1 native app or will it still require Rosetta to function?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Over a year later and it's still showing as Intel for me in activity monitor. I just reinstalled to make sure I had the correct version. The RingCentral process shows as Apple, but Meetings and two threads of "Meetings Helper" are all Intel. Will this ever be updated?screen-shot-2023-02-16-at-22005-pm.png