Multiple email notifications for received voicemail

  • 14 June 2023
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Need confirmation this is possible to setup voicemail email notifications to multiple users and provide specific syntax See -

Syntax applied -;

3 replies

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Hi John, I attached the KB article on that thread that provides the instruction on how to set it up.


yes it is possible. Any of the following syntax will work,,,,;; (final version);;

No matter what you do, the system will automatically convert all of the above to the "final version"
- the system deletes spaces
- the system converts comas to semicolons

the limitation of 255 characters means you can store roughly 10 email addresses of 20-25 character length (+9 semicolons separating them)

Have tried both comma and semicolon separating the addresses and it's not working. With one recipient it does work.

What else could be going on with it?