Newly added Polycom phone is showing all lines as the user

  • 10 November 2021
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I recently inherited our RingCentral account and recently formatted and added a polycom phone to our system. On this new phone it has 6 lines available and all of them are displaying the users name. On other phones on our system it is only showing the first 2 lines with the users name. I'm not able to change the settings on the phone because the password gets changed to something I don't know on the phone and I'm not able to remote connect to the phones IP address. I also see for this user, in their presence, they are showing only 2 lines with their name. Is this a local phone setting I can adjust or is the setting somewhere on the RC Admin portal? Is there a section in the RC Admin portal that I can see the config settings to find the password and/or reset it?

7 replies

Hello Brian,

When a user hasn't programmed any speed dials/Presence the device displays the extension name on all lines.

You will not need to know the password for the device to program the lines. You will need to access the Admin Portal > Users > Users with Extensions > locate the extension > Phones & Numbers > Presence > Assign Extension to line 3.

This will unlock the device for the user to program lines from the device directly and will remove the user's name from all lines. (Their name will always be assigned to lines 1 and 2.)

(The user can also do this for themselves by signing into if they have permissions to manage their own settings.)

Here is a link to Presence FAQ's:

Any Extension assigned to line 3 will unlock it?

Correct. Although, it will have to be an extension listed within the Assign Extension offerings. (No IVRs, Announcement Only, etc.)

Ok, I've assigned myself the 3rd line, the phone shows correctly as the User on lines 1 and 2 and myself as line 3. I go to remove myself from the line and it reverts back to showing all the lines as the user. Am I missing a step or setting somewhere?


The only way I found to remove the extra lines (outside of adding presence, as stated above) is to log into the Web UI as Admin and navigate to Utilities -> Line Key Configuration. Highlight the line and change "No. of Line Appearances" to the desired number.

This will show the user on line 1 only and remove the extra lines without adding Presence. This really should be built into the portal and the "workaround" to remove the extra lines by adding presence for a line you may not need doesn't make sense to me.

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Hello! I know this is an old thread, but it is very relevant to my problem. It’s actually the opposite case. I would like to restore the lines to have lines 3 and 4 assigned back to the user (in addition to lines 1 and 2) and make the rest of the lines (5-12 on my Poly 450 phone) available for presence. However, if I try to remove presence from another extension on lines 3 and 4, the system does not let me assign a line back to the user, only another extension, so if I delete it, there is a blank assignment on lines 3 and 4 and I can’t even press that button. This means that I either have 2 lines on this extension (and the user won’t be able to pick up more than 2 calls) or all 12 assigned to the user, but I can’t have 3 or 4 and the rest be used for presence. Is this true? That doesn’t make sense to me. Can that be changed? Please let me know…

Any help would be appreciated!