Poor support coordination between Ringcentral and inContact

  • 23 October 2019
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CASE # 09593888

Is anybody getting the run around with support between Ringcentral and their Call Center provider inContact (AKA CxOne, AKA Nice, AKA What's next)? I have been having issues with their reporting platform pulling incorrect records. Individual calls are merged together and reported as a single call :[]. Messing up our records for audits.

When you try to contact inContact they tell you to go through ringcentral. When you call ringcentral they are not familiar with inContact so they generate an incident and then send you to inContact. The latter then says you need to contact Ringcentral because they are not forwarding the calls to us correctly. Ringcentral again tells me it's an issue with the call center.

Now this reminds me of a french cartoon I watched as a kid "The 12 tasks of Asterix" .

Why can't we get streamlined support?.. the two support teams need to work together behind the scene to figure out what system is causing the issue and resolve it. I have opened a ticket and after a week I'm still back at the starting point. It's like a ping pong game RingCentral <==> inContact

I'm not sure I will get any assistance by posting this here but I look forward to get some feedback from the community.

3 replies

I am in the same boat with you. It seems something has happened again today, but what I couldn't tell you.
They've CC'd us in the ticket from yesterday, however it seems like both teams are not very diligent about actually placing notes about Root Cause Analysis for these issues and I just get an email saying that the issue should be, OK thanks...but what caused it? Is there anything we can do to alleviate the crippling state we are left in?

Additionally the status page for RingCentral just says Contact Center and there are no links to helpful status pages for inContact. You are 100% on about the ping-pong situation too because I have tried to ask inContact for access/credentials to see our tickets before and they referred me to RC who told me to ask inContact. I eventually gave up on that front. 
Hey Hatim and AYan, 

We've reached out to your Customer Success Managers and looped them in on the situation. Please feel free to reach out to them with any other questions or concerns about this. 

Thanks for bringing this up here, if we learn of any changes we'll be sure to let you know. 
Having the same issues here. I recommend InContact is purchased directly rather than through RingCentral. It's impossible to get someone to help with a product they don't own.