Presence on Glip keeps changing to Invisible - will not stay on Available

  • 23 October 2019
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All of my organization's users (all are in USA) are showing with a gray dot indicating their presence as invisible. When a user clicks on their upper right picture (to adjust settings) - it shows invisible. And when the user manually selects Available it almost immediately switches back to invisible. This is happening within the RC app and on website.

Version: 19.10.2 (E. 5.0.10)

Build: 144 (rev. 9ff98ad)

4 replies

this is happening to me on the glip website.  seems to have happened after the latest update I did yesterday.
Hi all, 

This is a known issue and is being actively worked on!

If you create a case with support, please mention INC-24687. Thanks. 
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled RingCentral (Glip Only) instant messaging app User accounts status stuck at Invis.... Every new week RingCentral is greeting its customers with a new bug.
This week's special is being stuck at invisible status. Not only one user account, everybody in the organization has the same issue.

Not sure what caused this but we haven't changed anything on our end.
Tried to change status but none of them worked.
RC Desktop App
RC Web App (
RC Mobile App both Android and iOS
We find that presence is pretty much unusable as it shows invisible as soon as you close the app or your phone goes to sleep. If you are a mobile user and don't always have your desktop app open (most of our users) then no-one can tell if you are available or not.
You shouldn't need to actually have the app open to show as available - just signed in and available status should be enough.