"Press 1 to connect" DTMF Randomly Not Recognized - RC Help's solution is to disable feature! Case #08812793

  • 30 May 2019
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We've been RC users for 12+ years. We have always used the 'press 1 to connect, press 2 to send to voicemail, etc' feature on both extensions, and more recently on call queue's, so when RC dials our landline # (NOT VOIP connection), and we answer the phone, it prompts us to 'press 1 to connect'.

Recently, randomly and only sometimes, RC does not recognize when we press DTMF tones, like '1' to connect. It just doesn't 'hear' the sounds, RC keeps repeating itself. Caller enviably sent to voicemail.

In the past, maybe twice in the past 12 years or so of being a customer, we found the issue to be some sort of inter-carrier switch issue. Something in RC's switches or the telephone network switches or whatever, was not relaying the DTMF signals. Only the voice. So when we called RC, I assumed someone at RC would file a trouble ticket with RC's interconnect carriers, or whatever Level3 switches or telco providers, or whatever, and in a week or so it was fixed.

THIS TIME... they suggest we 1) use app/data/voip - this is unacceptable because we're mobile and most often in areas without 3g/4g/lte service, it must be sent on PSTN; or 2) disable the prompts!!

WOW... what a waste of time trying to navigate your tech support folks who only know how to read a script and if it doesn't fit, then disable it!!! LOL Another very poor experience with RC tech support Case #08812793.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we get to a senior tech support department or someone with technical knowledge?

3 replies

That's really strange behavior....and I'm sorry that Support has been frustrating :( Have you provided Call Samples and have they been able to reproduce the issue on your account? Feel free to keep me posted!

Ever find a solution? I'm encountering as well.

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@Becky and @Mary can get you to the right area - they've been able to [poke] the right people.

Yeah - when we've had to call support, it's like an day in hell in trying to get them NOT to go page by page. And then - it's the, 'okay... we'l call you. bye.'

The odd thing is - we've been trying to get them to allow us to disable the 'Press 1 to connect' for the call queues - it's a royal pain the arse when one is driving and gets a helpdesk call - to try and then key in while not looking at the phone.

Good luck - and yes, it normally is the underlying carrier.