RC Desktop App: Scaling Issues

  • 6 February 2018
  • 3 replies

1. Account type: US

2. Please see the case for screenshots - The case number is: 06753416

3. The Desktop application for RingCentral has issues with Windows 10 scaling.

For some reason, the title bar cuts off the top row and forces me to click lower than the buttons are. It's incredibly difficult to open up my user settings because it's not even displayed.

The laptops we use have high density monitors on them, so we have to scale from native 3200x1800 down to 1920x1080. Once that's done, Win10 turns on some funky scaling percentage setting that impacts application and font size. (This is most likely impacting the app - it messes with the title bars)

4. A solution to Windows 10 scaling setting impacting the UI

5. I have reinstalled the application several times to no result. When I reimaged my laptop, it was fixed for a day, then went back to having the issue.

6. I'm currently on 9.3.4, but this happened with the previous versions as well

7. N/A

8. This is impacting any users on Windows 10 in our company - roughly 50% of those users have this issue. Since we're moving to USB headsets soon, this is going to be fairly urgent.

3 replies

I had scaling issues that caused the notification pop up to disappear off the monitors. Try creating a text file, rename it config.ini -- and type one of the three lines in it (try one at a time): QtRenderMode=Angle, QtRenderMode=OpenGL, QtRenderMode=Software. Put this file in the install folder C:Users<username>AppDataLocalRingCentralSoftPhoneApp. The QtRenderMode=OpenGL is the one that worked for me.

The update fixed the issue! - I'll get this sent out to everyone. Thanks for the help.
Hey Nate, can you upgrade to the 9.4 version and let me know if you still have issues?