rcmobile:// call not working after upgrading to the new app.

  • 26 April 2021
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rcmobile:// call not working after upgrading to the new app. How can I get this working again on our Macs?

5 replies

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Hi James, what error are you getting when trying to make a call?

The url is not causing our phones to dial anymore. There is no error. The url seems to have stopped working.

Mary are you familiar with the URL protocol that initiates a call in the RingCentral phone app?

There is no screen shot.

If you put

rcmobile://+15167772222 into a browser url or call it from an application it would initiate a phone call in the ring central desktop app. This is not working anymore in the new application.

I tried your way and I am able to get my RC desktop app started which is updated to latest:


However you can try with this format: rcmobile://call?number=+15167772222 and check here for more details:

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Hi @James ,this feature is not yet available with the new RingCentral App. However, the RingCentral Phone for Desktop is still accessible. If you wish to continue to use the old app for now until this feature transitions to the new one, that will be fine. You can submit a feature request in our Ideas Portal at