Record and keep more than 1 Voicemail greeting?

  • 28 May 2019
  • 3 replies

Voicemail greetings: I prefer not to use the default voicemail greeting, prefering to record in my own voice. When I travel, I record an away message, but when I return, I have to re-record my User Hours message every time. Is there any way to store my User Hours message more permanently, so that I don't have to re-record it every time I return from business travel or vacation?

3 replies

There is not a great way that I know of.  It would be nice to have ~4 alternate greetings that could be switched between via the telephone interface.  I have created some advanced rules for myself that help.  I have a PTO rule with a prerecorded message, but I have to remember to go into the admin to set the dates and turn it on.  You can also download and upload recordings so that can help,  You might even be able to do that from your mobile phone, but I have only done it via PC web browser.
Thx, Brandon. I'll take your suggestion to download/upload, and I'll submit a feature request for the multiple greetings.

I don't know if they did an update, but we used to be able to have multiple Voicemail greetings. I had them uploaded to save when I went on vacation and then I just had to change the dates every time. But today when I went to do that because I am out of the office, they were gone, and I could not find a way to record a greeting just for today. I think they took the option away. I wish they would bring it back.