SCCM 1910 3rd Party Software Update configuration

I would love to add 3rd party software update support for RingCentral to my SCCM configuration. This would allow updates to the application to be delivered right alongside Windows Updates in my environment. I'm not sure if RingCentral supports this setup or not. To configuration SCCM to provide these updates, I would need the custom catalog download URL for the RingCentral Phone application.

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Yes SCCM Deployment for RingCentral Phone works as long as you use the MSI version

We have been using this for our users for a few years.  We use SCCM current version and all users are on current ver of Win 10

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Thank you for the reply, but allow me to clarify what I'm looking for.

I have already successfully pushed the phone application via SCCM, what I am attempting to do is to utilize the ability of System Center to automatically download and serve out updates to an application.  By adding a custom library from a software vendor, the server can check for updates on a schedule and then push them to my end users without additional administration on my part.

I am not even sure if RingCentral is setup to allow for this to happen.