Simultaneous call ringing Now limited to two phones?

  • 27 May 2020
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Simultaneous call ringing Now limited to two phones? New Policy?

We have an Office Premium account in the USA with a Digital Line (Our 888 number) as well as a 2500 minute toll-free bundle.

We have a small business with sales reps in 10 states.

We have our toll free 888 number attached to a single user with extension (i.e. 104).

Under call handling and forwarding for this user (#104) we have listed the 10 cell phone numbers for the 10 different representatives we have in the different states.

We had this set up to Simultaneously ring all 10 phones at once so as to be fair to all representatives. They work off commission. Whoever answers first gets the order and commission. If one rep was on the line the other 9 phones would still ring and the next rep would get the order and so on.

I went to make a change to one of the phone numbers in the list of call forwarded numbers, (new rep) and now when I try to save the change, I get an alert telling me that no more than 2 call forwarding numbers can be used.

It refuses to make any changes to the Ring Central call forwarding list??

It keeps wanting me to disable some of the call forwarding numbers.

Help ! I need more numbers to forward too NOT LESS.

Can anybody help me?

If not Ring Central then someone else??

1 reply

We also have an Office Premium Canadian account with 30+ digital lines.  I just tested some of our extensions with simultaneous ringing to 5 - 10 numbers and did not get any warning about a 2 number limit.  Not sure if this is an account or US issue, call RC tech support to confirm.  Please share the results here so that we all learn about any new limitations.  Thanks