Some companies can not get faxes to go through to us

  • 7 January 2021
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Some companies/hospitals are calling us saying they can not get faxes to go through to us on a Hellofax number we ported in?

5 replies

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Hi Suzy,

Are you using an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

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This has happened to our office as well, however, I have learned not all physical fax machines are set-up to talk to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) such as RingCentral.

Question: Are you talking about faxes incoming directly to a User? If so, here is the Knowledge Base article to hopefully answer your questions. Unable to Receive Faxes on the User Extension (

Question: Are you talking about inbound faxes to your Company Number/Fax? If so, here is the Knowledge Base article to help you understand the possible reason. Unable to Receive Faxes on the RingCentral Fax and Company Number

As the RingCentral Administrator for my office, I can't tell you the number of times an associate will send out an email asking: "Is anyone having a problem receiving faxes," and their first reaction - there must be something wrong with RingCentral faxing. Maybe less than a 1/2 percent it may be RingCentral, but the majority of the time it is the Senders settings on their physical fax machine. Or, in our case, it could be a network problem (not enough bandwidth, too much congestion within the network, etc.)

I get a chuckle every time a client calls and tells us our FAX MACHINE is not working, or maybe you need to add paper because my Fax won't go through - then I get to tell the caller, we do not have a fax machine and we have plenty of paper! :)

I hope this response helps you!


We were having trouble receiving faxes from certain vendors/customers. RC support said problem was on senders end, but come to find out they were being blocked as Robocalls by RC for us. To see if this is true for you, log into RC desktop app under the extension that is assigned the Main Company Fax # and look under calls. If you see "Suspected Robocall" a bunch of times from the sender's fax # this is your problem. To fix (as of Oct. 2023 hopefully - we'll see) had to disable robocall blocking under Users>users with extensions>click main company admin user>Phone>Blocked Calls>Robocalls>Block option... Change this to "Ring devices and apps" from "Play message and disconnect." Hope this helps! We were getting the runaround from everyone and it was a real pain.

The run around is real. I have been swapping email with support for several week snow without a resolution. I cannot get them to call me. Does anyone have a phone number for them? Their customer support is horrible!!!!!

We had the same problem with a fax line that was ported to RC recently. The robocall filter is too aggressive IMHO, blocking major medical providers fax lines and at one point a local county courthouse phone line.
Adding numbers to Trusted Numbers works OK, but the trouble is a lot of big companies use efax and their callerID is different from their published fax (receive) line. Try calling one of them to get that callerID....I dare you. ;-)

I tried asking RC support if they wanted a list of the known-good numbers I've added to the Trusted list but they didn't seem to understand what I was offering.