SPA525G Sidecar

  • 17 October 2016
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I have a Cisco SPA525G Digital Sidecar. I want to be able to add shortcuts/favorites to that so I can just hit the button and it dial the number. I want these to be other businesses and individuals I work with outside of my Company. So I do not want it to be internal.

Is this possible?


8 replies

Hello Travis,

The only way to activate a presence button on a Cisco sidecar with the RingCentral system is to set an extension as the presence for that button under the Phones & Numbers settings.

You can create an empty extension in the system that does not have a phone assigned to it which would be free for you, and then direct that extension to call out to the outside phone number. Then you can add that extension to side car. This way, pressing the presence key on the sidecar will call the extension that will then ring outbound to the outside number.

Let me know if you have any questions on this set up.

Hey Nathan this would work for me. Can you briefly guide me through the steps?

I have added a user with an extension and turned off the phone settings but I can't seem to get that to work. 
Sure Travis,

Log into your account as admin. Select your "Users" tab. Select the "Add User" button. Select a Domestic User. Select the "Add User without Phones" option. Type in the number of speed dials you want to create. Do not select a phone number or this will try and purchase on for you which you don't want. Simply select "Add Users".

Once you have confirmed that the price is $0, select next, then done.

This will add the Users you need to the system. Back in the Users tab, select the "Unassigned Extensions" option above the search bar. This will list all your unassigned extensions.

1) Select anyone that says "Ext. with no device assigned". This will bring you to the User setup screen.

2) Enter the name you want to display for the speed-dial, the User has to have at least 1 character in the first and last name field and has to have something entered into the email field. You can use your email address, or you can use something like If you enter your email address make sure you deselect the "Send an account activation email to the new user" check box at the bottom left of the page or you will get an email for every one of these users you set up.

3) Once this is done select "Save & Enable".

Repeat steps 1-3 for all the "Ext. with no device assigned" you created for the speed dials. Once that is done go back to the Users tab and find one of the extensions you created.

A) Select the User.

B) Select "Call Handling and Forwarding" tab on the left-hand side.

C) Enter the phone number you want the speed dial to call out to in any of the "Phone Number" fields. Once the number is added it will show 20 seconds next to the number, select the drop down arrow and select 75 seconds. Then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
D) Once saved, select "Call Handling & Forwarding" again and then select "Incoming Call Information"

E) Under the "Play announcement before connecting" Header under "Direct Calls" select the "Never" radio button.


Repeat steps A-F for each of the Users you created.

Once this is done go back to the Users Tab and make sure that you have "Users With Extensions" selected. Find the User with the 525g with the side car from the Users list. Select the User and then select the "Phones & Numbers" tab on the left-hand side of the screen. From there select presence. Then add all the Users you created to the presence of the phone. The 525g will reboot once you save the presence changes. Once the phone is rebooted you will have the speed dials you created. Simply press the one you want and the system will call out to the phone number you entered into the "Call Handling & Forwarding" rules in the above steps.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Nate Malone

Hi Nate,

I didn't get far. When I click Add user the domestic option doesn't show. It just gives me the Ext ... First Name .. Last Name ... and Email.

Am I looking at the wrong place?

All I have is Phone System .. Call Log ... Billing ... Tools ... Users is not listed. I am logged in as Admin. The button says Admin Portal at the top right.
Hello Travis,

If you created the User and put the person's first name in the first name field and the person's last name is the last name field, the presence key should automatically put a space in the name.
Travis, were you able to get the digital sidecar working?  The SPA500DS with the backlit screen?  Or were you using the SPA500S (with paper insert)?

Hi Nate. I actually figured it out :) Thank You! I do have a couple of follow up questions:

1) Is there anyway to add a space in between the First and Last Names? Any recommendations there? 

I think thats all for now.