Text Messages Not Sending

  • 10 January 2022
  • 7 replies

We have not had issues sending text messages but our entire team has lost the ability to send outgoing messages as of about 30 min ago. One of the messages from Ring Central states:

A valid Phone Number is required to send text message to recipients outside of your company, Please contact your Administrator to add a direct number to your account.

Nothing has changed on our account, do you know what needs to be done or are there other companies having this issue too?

7 replies

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Hello Meg, I see a case in your account related to this issue. The Tech Support Team is currently checking on the cause of this problem.

Thank you - half of our company is not able to send messages so hoping to get the resolution soon.

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Hi Everyone! Last night, we received information from the Outage Team that some RingCentral customers may experience outbound SMS failures. Please create a case so the Tech Team will add your account as affected. They are currently working on this issue and will inform you once it's fixed.

This is still not working for us and we have created cases. Can you confirm the timeframe as to when it will be fixed? I've also requested a credit for our company and have not received an answer re: that either. Please confirm.

We are seeing a lot of SMS Texts delayed for our customers by about 15 minutes. Can someone advise?

Case added but I am getting no feedback on ETA for a fix. Very disappointing.