Time Out Feature

  • 28 October 2014
  • 1 reply

Why isn't the time out feature, user friendly? I don't understand why we are all pigeon-holed into the same security circle. Everyone's company operates on different levels/hours/time strategies. I would like to be able to configure how long the time out feature will wait before it kicks on. Or, at least another option (such as shut off) instead of the program being set at your standards. I am at my desk most of the day but switch back and forth on different projects. And then I shut down the computer before leaving. I am required to run call logs while I'm here. When I configure the call log and have to stop to check something else, it is a HUGE inconvenience to come back to my call log to find that I have been bumped out of the system and have to enter all of the parameters, again!! And then find out where in the log that I had left off. Please change this!!

1 reply

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