TLS Email Encryption for Faxes

  • 27 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I have asked our employees to login to RingCentral via web browser and send their faxes online to ensure the faxes are not sent over the Internet unencrypted.

According to an old conversation, fax-to-email that is sent FROM RingCentral is sent via TLS, when available.

We have opportunistic TLS enabled on our mail servers. I can make some assumptions here, but I need it to be explicitly stated, and can't find it anywhere: Can RingCentral accept TLS-encrypted email-to-fax (via

2 replies

Interesting. I would agree with your assumption about outbound faxes and you should be able to verify in your mail server logs looking at emails to * Are you asking about faxes sent to your RC fax number?
Sorry, I could have explained better.
  • When the employees at my company receive emails from RC (for instance, a notification that the employee received a fax), those emails are encrypted, according to the conversation I cited earlier.
  • The employees would like to be able to send outbound faxes by sending an email to <>. This translates the email attachment into a fax and sends the fax. I would like to ensure that sending an email in this manner is encrypted.
Thanks to your recommendation, I ran some tests and confirmed that email servers are TLS-encryption enabled.