Using personal cell phone with RingCentral App has a 3-4 second delay?

  • 25 March 2019
  • 9 replies

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Small business of 50+ employees, we use our personal cell phones with the Ring Central app as our 'office phone'. Regardless of being on our local WiFi or using our individual mobile carriers, there is a 3-4 second delay between callers and users. Does something need to be configured on the app itself?

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9 replies

Hi Saadet,

Typically around 3 seconds, it turns into a mess after a few moments because people start talking over each other without knowing the delay is there.
We've tried with voip on, and off, and tested with these settings.
So you've tried the first option, Always Use VoIP, and you still had issues?
Hmmm...weird. That's usually the way you should go because it's more reliable. At this point, you would have to talk with Support so that they can gather app logs and call samples.
We have, yes, that was the last test we performed.
We noticed this issue when answering calls from the mobile app as well. Usually the cellphone was connected to the wifi network. Turning off the wifi connection on the phone allowed for a smoother answering flow & got rid of the delay.
Hey Todd, what kind of delay are you experiencing?
I see, so it's a voice delay. That one is tricky since there are many factors at play. 

What do your Call Settings look like on the RC Phone app? Could you share a screen shot?
Thanks Saadet, will follow-up with them.