Where is the calendar location now after the update on

  • 11 May 2020
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Account type (U.S., Canada, UK, AT&T, Telus, BT)

US here but global account

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Detailed description of problem

update to has hidden the calendar and I cannot find it.

Previous troubleshooting steps taken

looked on line, when to settings ( could only find the option to link my other calendars to glip.)

Software version

this happend after your recent update asked if i wanted to try it.

Number of Users affected.

not sure who has noticed or not switched yet but as a whole we have over 1000 users.

4 replies

I hope this is just something simple i am overlooking, but if not how to I switch back to classic?
Also, the main reason i need this is because our manager started using the glip calendar for our assignments and PTO. Oh and the preview of the calendar on the right hand side is gone too.

Hello CJ!

Are we talking about the Team Calendar? 
We are still improving, the team calendar will be available this coming June or July! 

The existing calendar that was in glip, we have been using it for our team but now i cannot see it.