App: write new message

Hi Concerning android app. Do I don't understand something, but why I click the + and choose new message, I can't choose team?? We can only choose contacts. Also why I can't reply to a message or at least quote it? It's complicated in web version but at least it's possible. Thanks Mlanie

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Hi Melanie, 

To be able to quote a message, you have to press and hold on the message and a menu will come up with different options, to like or quote the message. 

As far as directly messaging a team, that's not an option for Android or IOS to create a new message to a team from the + button. Right now, your only option is to find the team, and create the new message directly in the team. 

It works if it's a message. However, it doesn't work in case of a zapier automatization or note. BTW, even in web version, it's not user-friendly (eg double-click), since you have to click "view details". But it works for automatic message, at least.

Concerning the direct messaging, it's really annoying. Team are classified by recent update, so I have to "know" if it was recently messaged or not to find it in the list. At least, we should have the choice to sort them by alphabetical order.