Downtime on Glip - RingCentral

  • 2 June 2019
  • 2 replies

Our employees, including myself are facing issues on the Glip app (phone and desktop). It's been two days since we are facing an issue. All of a sudden the app stops working. It shows online status but we are unable to send messages with only a loading icon on the right. There's no issue with our ISP providers. I would like to raise a bug report for the same.

2 replies

We had down issues on Friday in my office. We could not update (check off tasks) or add any additional tasks or update our team. All seems to be fixed but it will certainly be annoying once there's only 1 app and the single app crashes.
Hi Shafa, the RingCentral (Glip) app was having issues on Friday. However, those issues have since been resolved. If you're still experiencing any downtime or difficulty, please contact Support so that they can investigate