Breakout Rooms RingCentral Video Desktop App,

  • 22 June 2021
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Can we create breakout rooms in a video meeting through the RingCentral desktop app?

I've looked at the guides on how to enable these in the admin portal, but when I navigate to that area I cannot find the "advanced settings" section to enable for the entire organization.

Is there a difference between the RingCentral video and RingCentral Meetings? I see there is a space to create rooms, but at an additional cost for licenses... any help clarifying here is greatly appreciated.


1 reply

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Hi Michael, Breakout Rooms feature is not yet available in RingCentral Video. Our Product Team is still working on this feature. However, RingCentral Meetings is the one that has this feature. You can modify the settings in the RingCentral Meetings app itself. You may also want to check on this KB Article,