Scheduled Meeting does not appear on Video Meetings page

Running Desktop App version My RingCentral is connected to a google calendar.

I follow the steps to schedule a video meeting for tomorrow at 6pm. I choose to use the copy paste method of inviting attendees and click on schedule the meeting. The message tells me that the video meeting is successfully scheduled, however the meeting does not appear in the Upcoming meetings area.

How do I get this functionality to work correctly ?

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Hello @stephan, just to clarify, are you referring to RingCentral Video or RingCentral Meetings?

Our entire organization is having the same issue! We user using RingCentral Video built into the MVP desktop app. It has worked in the past, but now the Video page has this big "Pro Tip: Connect Your Calendar" message and no one can see any of their upcoming meetings. Tried in both the desktop and web app. I did a few tests: created a couple using the '+' and selecting "Schedule a Video Meeting". I also tried using the Schedule button in the Video section of the desktop app. This is happening in both the desktop and web app. My App version is Windows (x64). I checked for updates, and there are none yet. I have searched Support and not found anything other than examples of what SHOULD be happening. Any ideas how we can get to the Upcoming meetings? I have several very upset people here and the only way we can get to the meeting is using the link we sent to attendees. Works, but not ideal.

Wow. Can't believe how long this has remained an issue. Commenting here in hopes of it getting some attention. If I've missed the solution, please do let me know though!