Trying to customize meeting invites - can't find User Extensions mentioned in the help article

  • 27 July 2023
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New to RingCentral.

I'm trying to change the meeting invite template for Outlook. This article seems to be the one. However, I don't see the User Extension Settings the article is talking about. Where is that? I'm logged into Admin Portal. I also looked around the app. I logged into the app through the browser, so it should be up to date. Is the article outdated? It shows as it's published Feb 2023, not that long ago.

Thank you!


1 reply

RingCentral Meetings is a different product from the RingCentral Desktop app you are using.When you are using the desktop app you are using RingCentral Video (not Meetings!). That's why the article isn't helping you. I don't think the functionality you want exists in the RC Desktop app, but there might be something good enough in Outlook. When you try to schedule a meeting from the Desktop app it redirects you to outlook. On the top right corner you have 3 dots ... if you click on them you should see "My Templates"
(If you want to insert emojis in a template use Windows key + . (a dot), since there doesn't seem to be a button to add emojis)