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RingSense: An AI-Driven Platform

By leveraging AI, RingCentral's RingSense platform enables organizations to gain valuable insights from conversation data using voice and natural language processing. RingSense is an AI-powered platform that utilizes conversational intelligence to analyze conversations and provide meaningful information about customers, sellers, buyers, and contact center agent performance, as well as trends and other valuable information.

RingSense offers a diverse range of products and services that can cater to your unique business requirements.

RingSense for Sales

RingSense for Sales analyzes interactions between salespeople and their prospects and generates summaries, insights, and performance measures that help increase sales efficiency. It also provides sales leaders with visibility to help them better train, coach, and drive their teams to greater levels of success.

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RingSense for RingCX

RingSense for RingCX brings native AI into RingCX with automated scoring, coaching, sentiment analysis and actionable insights to boost productivity, efficiency and experiences.

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RingSense for Phone

RingSense for Phone is your personal AI assistant, for any knowledge worker. It uses AI to capture and summarize all your recorded calls to boost productivity, speed up knowledge and information retrieval. RingSense for Phone is currently in BETA but will be made available in the MVP Ultra package in the future.

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