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How to Ask a Good Question   

A well-crafted question will help you to get a response faster and have you on your way to implementing the solution.

Here are some tried and true tips on how to ask a good question:

Check if Someone has Already Asked your Question

Before you jump in feet first to ask a question, take a minute to confirm that no one else in the Community has asked this question. We also suggest a quick search through our KnowledgeBase to check if there is an article that can help you out!

Start with a Clear Title

Help other Community members understand exactly what you are asking about by creating a clear and concise title for your post.

One Post = One Question

Create a separate post for each question you want to ask.

Be Specific

Include details about the products you’re using: what app, mobile or desktop, browser, and app version. By zeroing in on the details, your peers and Community Moderators can more easily give you an answer that is right for your situation.

Share a Pic

Screenshots are helpful for establishing steps and identifying settings.
However, be cautious not to screencap sensitive information that shouldn’t be shared in a public forum.

Let Us Know What You’ve Tried

Have you tried any troubleshooting steps or referenced any KnowledgeBase articles? Make sure to mention any steps you’ve tried out, so no one recommends what you’ve already done.

Safety First

This is a public forum, please make sure you keep your information safe and don’t provide any personal information such as email address, phone numbers, or account numbers.

Answers versus Comments

When replying to a post, you’re able to respond via comment or answer.

Answers should directly answer the question posted with a clearly described solution and can be marked as “Best Answer” by the original poster.

Comments are for asking follow up questions (on either a question or an answer), asking for more details, to say thank you, or to socialize.

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