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We are hoping to use the Quality Management of Ring Central. We've been able to figure out how to create the call review forms, but is there a way to export the data from each individual item on the call review form. For example, in the performance management section, I can see the overall scores and average score. But we need to see where we need improvement in specific areas that we are looking for in the call review form. I hope that make sense.

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Are you talking about the Live Report tool? If so, please post your question here. Otherwise, please explain how and what you do to create the call review form. Any platform APIs involved?

I am not familiar with what the Live Report tool. I'm using Ring Central Quality Management > Form Manager (image 1). I want to be able to identify whether certain requirements are happening on phone calls that our agents have using Ring Central. The Form Manager seems to work ok, but there is no reporting that comes from that, other than overall score. I need reporting on everything I'm looking for in calls - Whether it's present or not and if it improves over time.

From what I can see, the only reporting we get for this is in performance monitoring (image 2) and it's only an overall score.

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