Unable to authenticate to API in production but can in sandbox

  • 27 August 2021
  • 2 replies

I've created an API to allow me to read call logs and I can connect to the sandbox version and make the call great.

I have satisfied the requirements to promote/graduate to production and have production version. I amend my code to use the production ClientId & Secret, the the restclient Production parameter to true & I use the production username but receive following 400:

Content: {

"error" : "invalid_grant",

"errors" : [ {

"errorCode" : "OAU-140",

"message" : "Invalid resource owner credentials"

} ],

"error_description" : "Invalid resource owner credentials"


The only difference I can make out is the Password doesn't show "Active" but I'm unable to Reset password.


Can anyone advise?


2 replies

"Invalid resource owner credentials" means username or password is wrong. In theory, as long as you can login , you should also be able to get a token.


Thanks @Anirban , I am unable to "Reset Password" for my Production platform app. I believe this is my problem? I click "Reset Password" but am not presented with a form to amend the password, simply a message that a confirmation mail is sent to my admin email?