Update Call Handling Rule - softPhonesAlwaysRing Issue

  • 7 April 2022
  • 2 replies

We rarely use the RingCentral admin web interface because we have most tasks scripted in a program we wrote in C#. Today we received the below error when our program tried to update an extension/user, the error happens when our program attempts to update the users call handling rules.

The issue is that we previously had softPhonesRingCount to "0", that way both the desk phone and softphone would ring at the same time. After receiving that error we noticed that option on the RingCentral admin web interface has changed from "0" to "Always Ring", so what should we be sending through in our API call to have "Always Ring" set? The softPhonesRingCount param wants a long, so I'm not able to send "Always Ring"

The error snippet:

Content: {
  "errorCode" : "AWR-217",
  "message" : "softPhonesAlwaysRing couldn't be turned of if softPhonesRingCount is less than 1.",
  "errors" : [ {
    "errorCode" : "AWR-217",
    "message" : "softPhonesAlwaysRing couldn't be turned of if softPhonesRingCount is less than 1."
  } ]

The problem snippet:

forwarding = new ForwardingInfoCreateRuleRequest
    notifyMySoftPhones = true,
    notifyAdminSoftPhones = false,
    softPhonesRingCount = 0,
    ringingMode = "Simultaneously",
    rules = new[] {
    new RuleInfoCreateRuleRequest {
        index = 1,
        ringCount = 4,
        forwardingNumbers = new[] {
            new ForwardingNumberInfoRulesCreateRuleRequest {
                id = fwdId,
                type = fwdType

2 replies

Hi Nate. Long time no talk and welcome back to the community. Hope thing are going well with you!

Please see my previous answer from this thread.

You can specify these values in the forwarding data object

"forwarding": {
      "notifyMySoftPhones": true,
      "softPhonesPositionTop": true,
      "notifyAdminSoftPhones": false,
      "softPhonesRingCount": 1,
      "mobileTimeout": true,
      "ringingMode": "Sequentially",
      "softPhonesAlwaysRing": true

Hope this helps.

As always Phong, you're awesome and thank you. Hope all is well on your end also!!