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Delete Posts From App Integrations

Apparently support want's me to request this as a "Feature," which is absolutely hilarious in and of itself, but despite being a global admin and the one who added the app integration, I am unable to delete posts made by the app integration. I've been instructed by support to create a feature request because apparently you can't delete any posts made by app integrations so I've been told which is wild.

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What is your exact query? Do you want to request feature. If yes, you can log it here:

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@Mike Rotharmel Anirban is right - we'd love it if you'd submit to the Ideas Portal and not here in the Community.
Did you have a case associated with your call? I'd like to follow up with the Support agent to make sure they know to point feature requests to the Ideas Portal.

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Thanks Becky, this was the link support provided me where to submit the feature request. I'll submit via the link you have provided.

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Thanks, @Mike Rotharmel! Was just going to follow up with the agent you worked with to make sure they know about the portal.
Let me know if you should have any further questions or if my team can help!

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