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Is RingCentral Fax a good alternative for a professional office?

We have a busy law office. Is RingCentral fax a good alternative to a direct landline? What are pros & cons? How is reliability and ease of use? Retrieval and storage? Your input is appreciated!

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It is certainly better than landline Fax system which is based on bulky hardware. Since, RingCentral fax can be used as software system, as my personal opinion it is portable and we can carry it to anywhere within our laptops, mobile and can fax from anywhere connecting any network.

So as changing modern world, software based system will be future gradually replacing bulky hardware system.

Also it is capable to send fax to other Fax system that can be hardware or software based. It works as a normal fax system but also have facilities to share files from cloud storage like dropbox, Google drive etc.

Also security is top notch as all the data are highly encrypted.

These are personal opinion and experience, for more feature you can check their websites

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Glen, Thanks for reaching out!
Obviously, my team is going to speak highly of the product.
If you have specific questions that we can answer, hit us up.
If you're looking for feedback from Community Members, hopefully, someone will pop by and share their experience.

My team is here to help! You can connect with us directly by @ing myself or @Mary-Community_Moderator. Or shoot us an email at

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Hi @Glen Nesbitt, to know more about RingCentral Fax, you may check on these links,

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Using the RC App, creating an outbound fax to a new contact, you enter their number, but there is no place to enter the name (no attention line) if this is important for your business. Alternatively, you have to create the contact before you send the fax, or write it in the note field. The available fields on the canned form is limited/restricted and incomplete in our opinion. Something this basic shouldn't be this difficult to achieve unless the goal is customized feature costs.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Lynnette Hitchcock commented ·

Hi Lynette, we appreciate your feedback. Please create a post regarding this on the feedback site for the RingCentral app HERE.

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