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Sound Notification in System Tray

Does anyone have any experience with getting the RC notifications to pop up in the system tray in Windows? We are moving off of Skype for Business and I'm trying to get folkx to use RC messaging, but my end users are reporting that they're missing messages b/c they don't see/hear the notifications. Our firm is a healthcare agency, so some folkx are working in a loud/busy clinic where they can't hear the sound notifications. The nice thing about skype was that it would blink in the system task bar so at least there was a visual reminder that someone was trying to connect with you.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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Hey, @Lauren Sullivan - we love hearing about adoption efforts within our customers' eco-systems.
I'm sharing the Knowledge Base article for Configuring notifications and sounds in the RingCentralapp desktop and web.
This article will help users decide how they'd like to be alerted to messages.
There is a "bounce app icon" feature that will help to draw attention to messages that have come in.
But there are lots of other ways to give users the heads up based on their preferences.

Let me know if this helps - if not, feel free to share more here and we'll dig into it together.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I've shared the page on how to configure the notification settings with folkx, but it doesn't seem to be meeting their expectations. Would you be able to share more information on the "bounce app icon"? I don't' recall having come across that feature.

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Actually! I just found the setting, however (next question) I was wondering if it's possible to push that out as a standard setting via a user template. I apparently had it toggled on, but I don't know that I've noticed the icon flashing when i get messages.

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