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I understand that with the new App the HUD cannot be used if you are on a MAC?

I understand that with the new App the HUD cannot be used if you are on a MAC?

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Hi @Christa Force; it should work on Mac, too. What problems do you encounter with HUD?

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The monitor option does not show up when a user that can be monitored is on a call. According to support from this morning.

I have checked my resources and confirmed to our Team that the HUD option on the new RC app is still on Beta. And it only monitors the user log in on the RC application. No option yet to monitor on a live call unlike the old app (RC Phone app) that can monitor calls.
How long has it been in beta and when do you expect the beta to be complete and the function rolled out to all clients? This is one of the many reason we chose RC and is very disruptive to our business.
about 2 minutes ago
We apologize because right now that is a system limitation and still a feature request. We can let our Developers know and remind them about the idea so that they can hopefully add it to the next coming updates.

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@Christa Force I have thoroughly checked it, and Call Monitoring should be available in both Mac and Windows. I asked the agent who assisted with your case to get back to you and escalate the issue to Tier 2, so they can fix it.

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