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Screen sharing with RC Desktop App does not show the RC app itself

I need to talk to a developer about the screen sharing functionality in the RingCentral Desktop app. I understand that most video meeting services, RingCentral, Zoom, Webex, etc, block access to the screen share of the application window itself itself.

I.E. If I am in a RingCentral meeting and share my entire desktop, the RingCentral app will not appear in that screen share. This is an issue for our company because I am trying to teach new company members how to use the RingCentral desktop app. If I can’t share my screen and have them see the RC app, how am I supposed to teach them what to do?!

I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me about this with a work around. Is there a setting somewhere you can toggle on and off in the back end for this? Thanks.



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I can see similar requirement where screen sharing can take the entire screen and unable to see other tools and feature request on idea portal

Maybe the workaround will be to have multiple monitors where you share one moniter and other remain rc app visible in other monitor


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