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Can't delete blocked numbers

I can't delete any blocked number.

Furthermore I have a number "1" in the list somehow on the SuperAdmin extension and now no one can call any of our numbers, I called and escalated ... Still no solution 3 weeks now ... The developers said it is a "known issue" ... 15 year client and now our numbers are useless... Any ideas or suggestions / work arounds would be appreciated while we port away our numbers. Thanks.

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Did you able to contact the technical support regarding this?

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Thank you for your reply...

Yes its has been 3 weeks now... They stated "a known issue" and they "escalated to tier 2" and "no ETA" ... Unfortunately I feel the support is useless ATM, thus I reached out her for a workaround.

I tried deleting all the blocked numbers from phone app, web browser, incognito, etc.. they come back. I tried re-numbering extension 0 to 10 or 11 ... and not I can't have extension 0 anymore. This has been pathetic support to say the least for a company the size of RingCentral.

What I did is add the area code that I think might call us to the unblocked list .. Those work, but I have clients all over the US and Canada. I even tried adding "1" to the unblocked .. it didn't save.

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Hi @Tom Jones, I will contact the Tier 2 Team for an update. It seems like there is already a workaround for your issue. Let me follow up on this.

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Thank you and please share as it has been 3 weeks that they escalated this known issue to tier 2 and no ETA.

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Hi Tom, I spoke with Tier 2, and they mentioned that the problem is within the version of your account. The Tier 2 team is making a follow-up and hasn't received an update yet. I will keep an eye on this and inform you.

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