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Paying with indian bank credit card

As per new Guidelines in india merchant cannot do recurring charges on indian credit card without authenticating with one time password. So now i am to pay to Ringcentral with autdebit feature , please help......

i contacted my bank also but they said merchant has to send one time password and then authenticate the charge

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@Kerry Woods: Would you please get in touch with your Account Manager to get advice on what you can do about it? Let me know if you don't have his/her email.

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any update on indian credit card issue , my accounts manager is also helpless , he keeps escalating the issue with billing team but no luck till date

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Hi, @Kerry Woods International credit cards are still not allowed for paying RingCentral. I will follow up with your Account Manager regarding your case.

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i have spent 3-4 hours with Ringcentral support and they don't know anything about RBI ot OTP anything , they don't know how to setup indian card , please help

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I will ask assistance fro your Account Manager to help you with this concern.

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Yes, as per new guideline this is for an amount more than 5000 inr and more than that can be paid with debit/credit card should be full compliance with the framework.

RingCentral and your card need to be setup to adopt this new structure and RC can provide other options for payments for Indian sectors.

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