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Email notification from noreply stating that specific user is cancelling user meetings


We have been receiving email notification from no reply that one of our internal users is cancelling meeting. We verified that the email is coming from RC with our email security team but RC is saying it was not generated on their system. No meetings were cancelled and the internal user that supposedly cancelling the meetings is not even a participant of the meetings. Anyone experienced this before, its weird, i feel like RC is being spoofed.

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Hi @Mikhail Carbonell - 2143 It shows on your ticket that Tech Support confirmed that the email is not from RingCentral. They will indeed report it to the Fraud Team, and for your security, please block the email to avoid future messages from it again.

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That is what they said but says different if you look into deep into the email, it is coming from ring central. When you say block the email, block the sender? or the email itself? reported and tag the email as spam. Its just weird hope to get the root cause.

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@Mikhail Carbonell - 2143 Upon checking your ticket, the Tech Support Supervisor assured you that the email didn't come from RingCentral. If you still receive the same email even after blocking it, reach out to Support once again to determine the problem.

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