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Call Queue Members - Bulk Assign does not take effect immediately

I'm using the Telephony Forward Call API to forward a call to an extension (in this case, a call queue). We want to pre-populate the call queue with members before the call is forwarded.

I get successful Status Code responses to make all the API calls... however, the newly added queue members are not invited on calls until they receive an email notification stating they're added. Likewise, the members that are removed, will get rang to until after some time passes.

I don't know the exact timeframe, but it takes about a minute before the desired behavior is achieved after make the Bulk Assign API call.

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What is the use case that you are trying to solve. From what I see you are changing the members of call queue dynamically. I am afraid , this use case might not be supported.

Explain in detail what exactly you are trying to build and me/my team might be able to assist with the solution or workaround if there is any .

@Phong Vu FYI

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We're planning on using Call Queues as a waterfall. After set wait time and no answer forward onto another extension/call queue. Queue A to Queue B to Queue C. Someone should answer in A, in the event that does not happen, B and C would have potentially more people in them to answer the call.

But before this process starts in Queue A, we want to set members to these waterfall queues.

Process Flow:

1. Phone Call comes into User Extension (think of this 'user' as a systematic user). Has our company phone numbers we use in ads.
2. Do assessment on incoming phone number.
3. Set Call Queue Members on a separate queues.
4. Forward Call to the Extension of Queue A. (then RingCentral takes care of that waterfall process).


My 'work-around' is to have ALL users added to these Call Queues, and use the API's adjust the user queue presence, before forwarding the call on to Queue A, to start the waterfall process.

This isn't the end of the world... and how I'm proceeding building this out as it's working in my testing.

I'm sure there's some phone system magic happening when adding someone to a queue. Just seems a bit odd, as adding/removing someone to/from the queue has latency. But adjusting user queue presence, doesn't have latency.

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